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Pierre Picat

Pierre Picat was born on the 26th of December 1994. He started surfing at the age of 6 in Contis Beach. From this day on, a real passion for the sport was born. He completed high school studies that were alterning surf sessions and classes so he could train the best for the national contests.

In 2016, he legitimately obtained the authorization to create his own surf school, so he could share his passion on the beach where everything started, Contis Sud. This playground is ideal for beginners or more experiences surfers.

The following year, he was joined by his childhood friend Peyo, with whom he created the friendly and family spirit which defines the surf school today. Today it is with Tinou, an experiences instructor, that he practices his art.

This school aims to be different in its friendly approach, far from the impersonal and standardized sequences. The teacher will always try do their best to suits the different needs and expectations of each and everyone.

The public attending to lessons every year is very wide. Kids, Teenagers, adults all share the same space and envy to conquer the waves in order to share a good moment.



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Our Vision


We want to pass on our love of surfing to you in a friendly way with a good mood. The main goal is that you enjoy your training sessions.


The ocean is an unpredictable element, which forces us to take precautions. We will be there to teach you the basics of safe surfing


Our instructors have the particularity of being  all positive and encouraging. The values that unite us: humility, joy of living and positivity. 

As yogi surfer Agnes would say:

« Surfing.. is movement in movement. »

So to your boards…. Paddle!!!

Get out there !